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aosa Awards

aosa annually awards influential papers for its past conferences and symposia. Additionally, awards for excellent service to the ‹Programming› community are presented.

The Programming Journal hands out awards to celebrate the work of the community around the journal.


‹Programming› 2018

  • Most influential paper award: Expressive scoping of dynamically-deployed aspects by Éric Tanter (AOSD 2008)

Outstanding Service Award

  • Outstanding service awardee: Robert Hirschfeld


‹Programming› 2017

  • Most influential paper award: Using Natural Language Program Analysis to Locate and Understand Action-Oriented Concerns by David Shepherd, Zachary P. Fry, Emily Hill, Lori Pollock, K. Vijay-Shanker (AOSD 2007)

Outstanding Service Award

  • Outstanding service awardee: Richard P. Gabriel
  • Outstanding service awardee: Tobias Pape



  • Best research paper award: The Expression Problem, Trivially! by Yanlin Wang and Bruno C. d. S. Oliveira
  • Best visions paper award: Modular Architecture for Code and Metadata Sharing by Tomas Tauber and Bruno C. d. S. Oliveira
  • Most influential paper award: A Join Point for Loops in AspectJ by Bruno Harbulot and John R. Gurd (AOSD 2006)



  • Best paper award: Feature Scattering in the Large—A Longitudinal Study of Linux Kernel Device Drivers by Leonardo Passos, Jesús Padilla, Thorsten Berger, Sven Apel, Krzysztof Czarnecki, and Marco Valente
  • Most influential paper award: Mylar: A Degree-of-interest Model for IDEs by Mik Kersten and Gail C. Murphy (AOSD 2005)



  • Best paper award: Assessing Modularity using Co-Change Clusters by Luciana Lourdes Silva, Marco Tulio Valente, and Marcelo de A. Maia
  • Most influential paper award: Advice Weaving in AspectJ by Erik Hilsdale and Jim Hugunin (AOSD 2004)


MODULARITY: aosd 2013

  • Best paper award: Reactive Behavior in Object-oriented Applications: An Analysis and a Research Roadmap by Guido Salvaneschi and Mira Mezini
  • Most influential paper award: Modularisation and Composition of Aspectual Requirements by Awais Rashid, Ana Moreira, João Araújo (AOSD 2003)


MODULARITY: aosd 2012

  • Best paper award: A Complete Debugger for Aspect-Oriented Programming by Haihan Yin, Christoph Bockisch, and Mehmet Akşit
  • Most influential paper award: Dynamic Weaving for Aspect-Oriented Programming by Andrei Popovici, Thomas Gross, and Gustavo Alonso (AOSD 2002)


AOSD 2011

  • Best paper award:TBD


AOSD 2010

  • Best paper award: Execution Levels for Aspect-Oriented Programming by Éric Tanter


AOSD 2009

  • Best paper award: TBD


AOSD 2008

  • Best paper award: TBD


AOSD 2007

  • Best paper award: TBD